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1000 North

Grahame was commissioned to create a unique gilded ceiling depicting a fantasy Florida coastline for the entrance lobby of the new luxury dining establishment 1000 North, which offers panoramic views of the Jupiter Inlet and Jupiter Lighthouse.

The brief set by The Johnson Studio inspired Grahame to use local maps to create a gilded fantasy Florida coastline. He wanted to depict rhythm and movement flowing through the mural, and so composed the design utilizing disegno, the Renaissance drawing method, which encompasses not only line, but also form, composition and gesture to create art. Grahame's gesture lines appear as soft opalescent bands, only visible to the onlooker's eye.

Grahame drew up the basic composition in a high quality gold paint, adding rivers, inlets and lakes. Once he was happy with the composition, Grahame applied the gold leaf, allowing texture to form, which would become more obvious after later treatments. Acrylic sculptural sails from Lusive finish the look.

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