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Alongside his large-scale murals, Grahame creates smaller artworks to adorn walls in any home or workplace. Ever the artist, he enjoys working in varying styles and experimenting with different techniques. These artworks are often an outlet for self expression and a chance to explore different sides to his artistic nature. Past collections have included colourful abstract work, still life and landscapes. He also offers bespoke portraiture, specialising in classic pet portraits. His artworks have been displayed in galleries around the world and found themselves homes in restaurants, hotels, private homes and even film sets.

Examples of some of Grahame's artworks to date can be seen below. Some of Grahame's smaller artworks can be purchased through his Etsy store. To view Grahame's full catalogue of current works for sale or to begin the process of commissioning a portrait or custom artwork, please call Grahame on +1-678-230-4033 or email him at

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