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Grahame’s years of experience and honed finesse mean that he can turn his hand to any paint effect. He has created exquisite murals in high-end homes around the world to many varied briefs.

From elegant living rooms and rustic exterior frescoes, to ultra-modern living spaces and fairytale kids’ bedrooms, Grahame’s portfolio showcases his incredible capability, high skill level and attention to detail. Working with interior design firms or directly with clients, his murals range from the realistic trompe l'œil effect that trick the eye, to walls filled with rich foliage or romantic garden-scapes. Grahame is particularly known for his expert trompe l'œil application and his incredible sky-scapes.

He has created his hand-painted murals in private residences around the world including Cannes in the south of France, Atlanta, Georgia and London, England. Get in touch with Grahame to find what how he could transform you or your client's home with a bespoke mural.

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