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Who says a ceiling needs to be white? Grahame may not have painted the Sistine chapel but many of his bespoke ceiling murals would not be out of place in such a prestigious location. Romantic floral wreaths, sunset-tinted skyscapes and trompe l'œil effect; all of these and more have transformed the formerly dull ceilings of client’s homes into breathtaking works or art.

Painting a ceiling mural is the most challenging aspect of all of Grahame’s interior design work, as working at height and above one’s head poses all sorts of practical difficulties. His years of experience mean that he can achieve perfection on even the most technical of murals, finishing it to the highest standard on any ceiling.


Working closely with interior designers, Grahame ensures all of his designs are the uplifting final touch to a client’s refurbished room. Contact Grahame to see what ideas he can offer to complete your project.

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