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  • Grahame Menage

Venice in the Gables

read about my abstract contribution to this vibrant community art installation in downtown coral gables, miami.

Living in Miami, one doesn't usually immediately bring to mind the Italian treasure of Venice with its watery streets and ancient history. However for a lim the downtown of my local area of Coral Gables would be transformed into a mini Venice with the addition of a collection of artist-decorated eight-feet tall Venetian posts. When I was invited to participate in this great community fundraising event by adding my own flair to one of these installations I jumped at the chance.

“With my column I wanted to evoke Venetian gelato, water and Italian marble, all rolled in to one.”

Venice has a special place in my heart. It's somewhere I have visited many times over my life; as an artist it has an incredible pull, with historic art and masterful architecture everywhere you look. I was also fortunate to return thirteen years ago to spend part of my honeymoon with my lovely wife.

why venetian columns

The City wanted to celebrate the completion of the Downtown Miracle Mile and Giralda Streetscape Project with an art project that brought together the vibrant plethora of local artists that call the area home. Venetian mooring posts were incorporated into the early designs of the City of Coral Gables, notably as part of the Venetian pool design and to mark waterfront properties. The design of the top part of these new posts pays homage to entrance finial of the iconic historic administration building once located on Coral Way and Ponce de Leon Boulevard in the 1920s.

The collection of unique columns were displayed downtown for passers-by to enjoy and be inspired by. At the end of the exhibition the posts were made available and bidders were given the the opportunity to take one home in the charity auction.

approaching my contribution

My post drew on the vibrancy of Coral Gables and the Miami area in general. I continued my abstract series Decomposition which is inspired by the fundamentals of water in the natural and modern world. This unique and complex series encapsulates the inescapable transformation of physical nature of the concept of beauty, water and natural decay.

Water, however, is life, whether it be the arteries of Venice's canals or the might oceans. Each work is carefully composed according to the Renaissance 'Golden Ratio' and illuminates the timelessness of water in the age of modernity and the lost age of romance.

I brought all of this into play with Decomposition, incorporating acrylic and epoxy resin to decorate the eight foot column.

You can read more about the Venice in the Gables project here.



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