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frescoes, murals & trompe l'œil, gilding & faux effects


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when does a living space become a work of art?

Grahame Ménage believes he has the answer. The British-born artist has been painting interiors for commercial and private clients around the world, transforming the mundane building blocks of walls, floors and ceilings into sublime, one-of-a-kind works of art. His repertoire includes murals, faux finishing, and sophisticated trompe l'œil; the art of painting hyper-realistic imagery intended to 'fool the eye'.


They are extraordinary works of art, each designed and crafted to suit individual client tastes. Grahame’s bespoke murals can be seen in luxury hotels, restaurants and private residences around the world including Florida, Louisiana, the South of France and the Cayman Islands. Grahame invites his clients to step into his immersive art which isn’t bound by a canvas or frame.

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expertise & experience

Grahame is a master muralist and scenic artist who has been creating his captivating artworks for more than three decades. He says: "I like to think that when I paint a room I'm taking art out of the frames we tend to associate with it. My goal is to create works of art that surround you – fantastical spaces that clients can step right into."


"Unbelievable & truly beautiful! Covington will be mighty proud of the Cypress Bar - thank you!”

Southern Hotel, Covington, Louisiana

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